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Your Weekly Hair Growth & Hair Care Routine | Cordina Hair

If you feel your hair needs some serious TLC and you're looking for new ways to improve the overall condition of your scalp and hair, whilst boosting hair growth at the same time, I may have the perfect weekly hair growth and hair care routine for you!

In this article I cover eight different steps to a healthy hair growth and hair care routine. When you follow all the steps below, you will be able to notice a difference in the quality of your hair, pretty much straight away and if you're consistent with this hair care routine, you will also be able to experience rapid healthy hair growth and a reduction in split ends and broken ends.

Tip: Staying away from heated devices and harsh chemicals, will of course improve the condition of your hair and I would suggest to either avoid these completely or reduce the number of times you use these. You may want to consider alternative hair styling options that do not require any heat, such as heatless hair curlers.

8 Steps to a healthy weekly hair growth and hair care routine

#1. Drink 2 litres of water per day

Whenever we don't drink enough water per day, our body tends to function a lot slower and that's when tiredness and fatigue starts kicking in.

Our body and scalp requires water in order for our organs to function efficiently and absorb the essential nutrients that our body and our hair follicles need.

How much water should you be drinking per day depends on where you live and how active your lifestyle is, however generally speaking, you should be consuming around 2 litres of water per day.

When you drink enough water per day, your scalp is able to absorb essential nutrients faster and much more efficiently which will help hydrate your hair follicles and boost faster hair growth as a result.

If you're looking to start a new healthy hair care routine, this tip will greatly benefit you, your body, productivity and mood. You may want to check out my 30-day 2Litre water challenge article for further information.


#2. Daily head massage / Inversion method

You're probably thinking... ''I don't have time for that!'' Well, you can certainly find 5 minutes out of your day to massage your scalp. You deserve a little pampering!

Scalp massages will help increase scalp circulation and blood flow towards the hair follicles, which means nutrients will be able to be absorbed much quicker thus boosting hair growth.

Although you can massage your scalp in any way you fancy, if you're after a mega hair growth boost, I would suggest for you to try the inversion method instead.

All you need to do is, tip your head and hair forward and massage your scalp for five minutes in a downward position rather than upright. When your head is tilted down, more blood flow is rushing towards the scalp which will help increase hair growth.


#3. Daily hair brushing

Start your day with a good hair brushing routine - just make sure you choose the right tool for your hair, such as a detangling brush or a cruelty free boar brush.

Daily brushing will help get rid of tangles and any excessive grease and dirt sitting on your scalp and hair. You are also giving you scalp a little massage every time you run the bristles of the brush across your scalp.

Tip: Boar brushes are amazing at collecting dirt and excess grease. Brush from root to tip to distribute your scalp's natural oils onto the ends of your hair. You may also want to tip your head forward and brush your hair in a downward position to increase hair circulation at the same time!

cruelty free boar brush


#4. Take daily hair supplements / vitamins

It's not easy tracking your daily nutrition and that's why supplements exist so that you can ensure that your body is receiving the right amount of vitamins and nutrients on a daily basis.

Make sure you're taking daily hair vitamins to help boost scalp nutrition and hair growth. Some of my favourite hair supplements, that you may want to consider are: Biotin, Viviscal and Perfectil.

hair vitamins hair supplements


#5. Apply hair oil on a daily basis

Protect and hydrate your hair strands by applying hair oil. Remember, that you only need two to three drops max and apply this to the mid and lower section of your hair, avoiding your roots.

Don't forget to wash your hands after every single use to avoid adding any excess oils to your hair and scalp.

Choose hair oils that will hydrate your ends and help protect it from any further damage. One of my favourite hair oils you should seriously consider is the Garnier Ultimate Blends - The Strength Restorer Serum Honey Bee, enriched with propolis extract. The serum smells absolutely divine and it leaves your hair feeling super soft and silky.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Strengthening Hair Serum


#6. Apply leave in conditioner

If you're after soft, conditioned and manageable hair minus the frizz, you should start using a leave in conditioner!

Leave in conditioners help protect your hair from damage whilst they are excellent at nourishing, hydrating and reducing split ends and breakage.

One of the best leave in hair conditioners you should definitely consider having in your home is the Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula, which is enriched with an intensive blend of pure coconut oil, Vitamin E, Keratin and Silk protein.

So many women are raving about this product, saying how much they love it and how it transformed their dry, damaged hair into silky smooth locks!

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula


#7. Wash your hair once to twice a week maximum

If you are serious about starting a new healthy hair care routine, you have to start skipping hair washes!

When you wash your hair too much, you are stripping your scalp's natural oils way too fast. Your scalp starts to produce more oils to replace lost ones and before you know it, you're reaching for the shampoo again!

Excessive hair washing will dry your hair out, leaving it feeling brittle and super prone to damage. Wash your hair once to twice a week maximum using sulphate free shampoos.

When your scalp starts to feel greasy again, instead of washing your hair, grab a boar bristle brush and distribute your scalp's natural oils from root to tip to help condition your hair strands whilst removing excess oils.


#8. Apply a weekly hydrating hair mask

Include a a weekly hair masque as part of your new hair care routine to help restore moisture, repair and condition dry damaged ends. If you have frizzy, bleached or broken ends, a weekly hair mask would greatly improve and benefit your hair.

When choosing hair masks, look for a product that will provide nourishment without weighing your hair down, help restore damaged hair into its natural state whilst leaving your hair feeling soft, manageable, tangle & frizz free.

hair mask for dry damaged hair

Keratin and Coconut Oil Deep Repair Hair Mask - Intensive Conditioning Treatment for Dry/Damaged Hair


Here's a summary of your weekly hair growth and hair care routine

1. Drinking 2 litres of water per day to help your body function properly whilst aiding better absorption of essential nutrients

2. Massaging your scalp on a daily basis for 5 minutes to help increase blood flow and circulation towards your scalp.

3. Brushing your hair from root to tip to help distribute your scalp's natural oils

4. Taking daily hair supplements and vitamins to ensure that your body is receiving the right amount of nutrients.

5. Applying hair oil on a daily basis to help keep your ends moisturised and protected from damage.

6. Applying leave in conditioner every day to keep your hair nicely hydrated, manageable and tangle free throughout the day.

7. Washing your hair once to twice a week maximum to ensure that you are not stripping your scalp's natural oils too frequently.

8. Applying a weekly hydrating hair mask to help deep condition and restore any damaged and broken ends.

free printable hair care routine

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