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Scandinavian Office Style

Turn your home office space into the ultimate work station with my Scandinavian office furniture recommendations and Scandi poster prints and frames. Scandinavian colour schemes typically include white and black as the main colours. Subtle additional shades are usually added to complement the look and are typically present in Nordic desk accessories, wall decor and electronic desk items. Such additional colours may include: pink, different shades of grey, brown and green. Scandinavian style is minimalistic and has got a very chic, modern, bright and organised look.

Scandinavian office style desk from Etsy

If you're after an orderly work station, then you need to start decluttering and only purchase the absolute essentials; and if you're struggling for space and only have room for a small office area, then a Scandi desk would be the perfect solution for you and your home. Nordic, Swedish and Scandinavian styles are currently being sought by many interior designers, business people and lifestyle bloggers due to its simple, classy and sophisticated look.

Scandinavian desks

If you're currently using a desk with plenty of drawers, I would suggest for you to start going through your items and see what you no longer need. Scandinavian desks usually come with minimal storage drawers, but don't be put off as I think this is rather a positive aspect to the Scandi style as it helps keep things organised and clutter free. Scandinavian desks are perfect for those who are looking to simplify their work station and have only the essentials to hand. Here's a selection of Scandinavian desks including the popular and very practical corner scandi desk.

Scandinavian office style desks under £200

1. White Scandinavian desk from Amazon - £82.99

2. White wooden Scandinavian style desk from Maisons du Monde - £199.50

3. Corner Scandinavian desk from Maisons du Monde - £149.50

4. White Scandi desk from Amazon - £179

5. Wooden white Scandinavian style desk from John Lewis - £199

6. Wooden smoke Scandinavian style desk from John Lewis - £150


Scandinavian style desks over £300

1. Scandinavian desk from John Lewis - £399

2. Oak Scandinavian style desk from John Lewis - £480

3. Solid mango wood Scandinavian desk from Maisons du Monde - £638.50

4. Solid mango wood Scandinavian desk from Maisons du Monde - £459

5. Solid oak Scandinavian style desk from Maisons du Monde - £516.50

6. White Scandinavian desk from Furniture in Fashion - £439.95


Scandinavian office chairs

Scandi chairs come in a similar look to the desks, typically white and with wooden legs. If you enjoy wheeling around the house, you do have the option to go for a Scandi desk chair with wheels, whilst retaining the Nordic office style theme.

1. A typical Scandinavian office chair in white with no wheels from Amazon - £37

2. White Scandi office chair with wooden legs available in various different colours from Amazon - £31.99

3. The mustard coloured Scandinavian office chair is available on Amazon. You do have the opportunity to choose from a variety of colours - £84

4. A high end Scandi chair with wheels from John Lewis - £299

5. Cushioned, white Scandinavian office chair with wooden legs and no wheels from Amazon - £34

6. White Scandinavian office chair with wheels from Maisons du Monde - £62.99


Scandinavian desk lamps

If you would like to add a quirky yet traditional desk lamp to complete your Nordic office style, you might want to consider one of the following simple and space saving scandi lamps.

1. Black Scandinavian desk lamp comes ready with an LED bulb from Amazon. It is available in white & mint - £29.99

2. This popular Scandi desk lamp in copper is available from rom John Lewis at a great price - £30

3. Traditional Scandi office lamp in mint from John Lewis. This nordic desk lamp is also available in white & silver - £25

4. Scandinavian office lamp in copper available from Maisons du Monde - £63.70

5. The perfect blush coloured Scandinavian office lamp from Maisons du Monde - £35.99

6. Modern Scandi table lamp in white from Amazon - £16.99


Nordic art prints, posters and frames to complete your Scandinavian office style

Scandinavian desks are typically accessorised with eye catching, yet simplistic poster frames and prints, usually positioned above the desk. Many people tend to include more than one poster frame, however this of course depends on the wall space that you've got available. Try and stick to the same colour scheme, so that the art prints or posters match and blend in with the rest of the Scandinavian office style theme. Here are some frames and posters for inspiration.

Scandinavian poster frames from Desenio

1. Scandinavian posters / prints - set of 3 from Etsy

2. Scandinavian wall prints from Etsy

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