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Hollywood Mirror with Lights

Hollywood mirror with lights - Perfect for makeup professionals and make up enthusiasts

Create your own Hollywood makeup vanity space in your bedroom with these popular illuminated mirrors. A Hollywood vanity mirror with lights is perfect for those who want to take their makeup routine to their next level. Hollywood mirrors typically include dimmable LED lights to help provide you with plenty of brightness for easy make up application whilst giving you the flexibility and the option to adjust the lighting according to your needs.

Hollywood Mirror with Lights

Link to Hollywood mirror with lights - available on Amazon - £135.99

Applying make up in 'day light' lighting

The number one rule in ensuring flawless make up application, is to have good lighting. If the lighting is not bright enough, you will simply not be able to tell how much make up you're applying and whether you are using the right colours to complement the look you're going for. Investing in a good quality Hollywood mirror with lights will not only improve your makeup routine but it will also brighten up your dressing table whilst transforming your bedroom into your ultimate Hollywood makeup vanity space make over!

The illuminated makeup mirror, pictured above has been elegantly designed and it comes with 14, 240V dimmable LED bulbs. The frameless mirror can be held to the wall using the fixtures in the back of the frame or if you prefer, you can screw it onto your vanity table. The Hollywood style mirror is made from stainless steel frame and comes with a UK standard three pin socket.

Excellent reviews and ratings

If you're after a good quality Hollywood vanity mirror with lights with excellent reviews, then do check this one out, which is available and currently being sold on Amazon. This beautifully designed Hollywood mirror, will help you apply your make up in good 'day light' lighting without causing any shadows on your face. You will be able to see the true colours of your make up palette, foundation, blushers and bronzers without fearing that you're applying too much make up.

Different shapes and sizes

If you are after a different size, shape or style, then you would be glad to know that there are various Hollywood mirrors to choose from! Here are some of the most popular and highly rated vanity mirrors with lighting, including the round Hollywood mirror and framed LED makeup mirror. Links to products are listed below and they are all available from Amazon.

1. Link to Hollywood mirror with lights available from Amazon

2. Link to Hollywood mirror with lights available from Amazon

3. Link to Hollywood mirror with lights available from Amazon

4. link to Hollywood mirror with lights available from Hollywood Mirrors

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