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Handstands and Yoga Help Increase Hair Growth

Do you like to see the world upside down? I sure do! One great way to boost scalp circulation and hair growth is by doing handstands and other yoga postures.

How does yoga and handstands boost hair growth?

Yoga postures that require you to lower your head down, such as a head stand, hand stand, crab and downward dog, will help increase blood flow towards your scalp. Increased blood flow improves circulation which in turn help your scalp receive the essential nutrients that your hair follicles require in order to grow healthy hair.

Handstands for hair growth

If you love doing handstands and you are able to hold it for a minute or so - great! Try and find a few minutes every day to practise your handstands against a wall and hold each handstand for at least a minute each time. The blood rushing through your head will help increase scalp circulation, which helps awaken those lazy roots and increase hair growth at a much faster rate.

In order for your scalp to receive all the nutrients required, make sure you are eating a healthy well balanced diet and that you're also drinking two litres of water per day. You may also want to take daily hair supplements and use hair growth scalp serums.

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Are you a new yogi or thinking of giving yoga a go?

If you have never done yoga or handstands before, it's never too late to start. There are various forms of gentle and beginners yoga to choose from and everybody practises at their own pace. Every posture is practised slowly and is usually repeated several times before moving on to the next pose.

Yoga not only increases hair growth, but it also enables you to relax, de-stress, stretch and strengthen your body. It's an overall body workout that when done correctly, your posture and balance will improve significantly, your breathing techniques are enhanced and you'll soon notice an increase in flexibility and muscle strength.

yoga boosts hair growth

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