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Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Intense Serum

grow gorgeous intense serum

I can’t deny it, I’m a huge fan of the Grow Gorgeous Range. Why? Because their hair care products are simply there to nourish your scalp and locks with beneficial and concentrated ingredients. One product that I religiously use every day is the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Intense Serum. If you've been noticing hair thinning, would like to achieve visibly thicker hair or if you're after rapid hair growth, then this hair growth serum must be on your list to try and stick to!

Yanika Cordina Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Intense Serum

The bottle may look small (60ml) but all you need is 20 drops per day on your scalp and the same bottle will last you for about two months! The hair growth serum is applied directly onto your scalp and you'd be glad to know that it is not at all oily and will not leave your scalp feeling greasy. For all ladies and gents with sensitive scalp, this product is a miracle! I suffer from an extremely sensitive scalp and I can honestly say that I never had any reaction to this product; no dandruff, no itchiness and no redness. Since the ingredients are nothing but beneficial, your scalp will react to it positively.

Grow Gorgeous Intense Serum Ingredients

The hair growth intense serum contains zinc and glycine which will aid in the stimulation of your scalp and hair growth, it also contains water-compatible caffeine which helps reduce hair loss in no time with frequent and daily use.

The Bio-Active Pea Sprout ingredient improves hair growth by 78% within just the first couple of weeks of use. Other amazing ingredients include Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 and Clover Flower Extract Active Complex, proven to increase hair density by 13% within the first four months, whilst hyaluronic acid boosts scalp hydration which will in turn help you enjoy and experience voluminous, healthy and luscious hair.

When's best to use the Grow Gorgeous Intense Serum and how to apply it?

You can use the hair growth intense serum in the mornings or in the evenings. I'm sure you can find seven minutes out of your day to give your scalp a little bit of pampering! Applying the intense serum doesn't take that long, however I would recommend for you to incorporate a five minute head massage, to ensure that the hair growth serum is totally absorbed into your scalp. A daily head massage will not only help you relax after a long day at work but you are also increasing that much needed scalp circulation. Increased blood flow towards your scalp help speed up the absorption of essential nutrients, thus increasing hair growth at a much faster rate.

The hair growth serum is recommended to be used once a day, 20 drops per each use. Brush your hair thoroughly and remove any knots. Start parting your hair and apply approximately four drops per parting. Make sure you’re dropping the intense serum directly onto your scalp and not on your hair. Gently massage each parting thoroughly until the serum is absorbed. Make sure you add a couple of drops at the apex of the head and the last two drops on the back of your scalp and you're done! Use the Grow Gorgeous Intense Serum daily for maximum results.

Grow Gorgeous

Grow Gorgeous specialises in hair care products for women who are after fuller, thicker and longer hair. Their amazing formulas work well for women who suffer from hair thinning. Their powerful ingredients will nourish your scalp with all the essential nutrients, whilst pampering your hair with a mixture of exclusive ingredients developed by specialist scientists.

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