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Gemporia Gemstone Candles - Christmas edition

gemporia gemstone candles

Make your home smell absolutely divine with Gemporia's gemstone candles this Christmas. The smell of mulled wine during the month of December brings warmth and a relaxing, soothing atmosphere inside your home, putting you in the festive mood. Whether you're spending Christmas with your loved one or having a family gathering at your home, adding scented mulled wine candles can really add that extra bit of sparkle to the most joyful and magical time of the year

Gemporia Gemstone Candles

My candle obsession has officially gone up a notch since receiving my gemstone candle from Gemporia. This beautifully presented candle includes six carats of garnet, infused with cinnamon spice fragrance. The scent was heavenly from the moment I unwrapped it from its dazzling packaging. The gems have been carefully selected so that the crystal healing properties match the scent and feel of the candle. A garnet gem is red in colour and is known to enhance your mood and brings inner joy and higher productivity. When you light the candle, you can see the garnet gem stones float in the soy wax, whilst releasing the beautiful aroma inside your home.

The perfect gift

Whether you're treating yourself to a Gemporia gemstone candle or thinking of giving one to someone you know, you can never go wrong with a scented, luxurious candle. This 200g candle will last between 30 - 50 hours burn time, depending on how well you look after it.

gemporia gemstone candles

Looking after your gemstone candle to increase burn time

Gemporia make their gemstone candles out of soy wax. It is a natural, vegetable wax made from the oil in soybeans. Soy wax burns cooler and much slower than any other wax, which means you'll get to enjoy the candle for much longer. If you would like to increase the burn time of your new gemstone candle, there are a few additional techniques that you may like to start using:

- Make sure that the wick is no longer than an 1/8th of an inch. If it is longer than that, then do trim it to the right size before you begin using it. A large flame will not only burn the fragrance but it also burns the wax much quicker, therefore reducing the length of burn time. Also, be sure to check and trim the wick again after each use before relighting.

- Place the candle in a position where the flame is not interrupted. A flickering flame will melt the wax much quicker and will reduce the amount of burn time.

- Instead of blowing the candle out, use a candle snuffler extinguisher. This helps keep the wax in good condition without spilling it.

gemstone candle gemporia yanika cordina

Where to buy Gemporia Gemstone Candles?

Gemstone candles can be found directly on the Gemporia homewares page, where you can find various different colours and scented candles. You may also wish to view and read their excellent and very positive customers' reviews, all listed under each candle product.


Gemporia offers stylish, genuine yet affordable gemstone jewellery. Their ranges also include diamond collection jewellery, which is often worn by celebrities and Hollywood actresses. Their latest homeware range includes aromatic gemstone infused candles, perfumes and reed diffusers, amongst other items.

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