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Easy Boho Hairstyle using Flowers | Cordina Hair

boho hairstyle

Do you love the bohemian style? This pretty boho hairstyle can be achieved in just a couple of minutes using the simplest hairstyling techniques ever!

All you need is a few hair ties and hair accessories such a flower bands, to complete the final boho chic hairstyle!


Follow the step by step instructions below to help achieve a similar look. You can pin the instructions onto your Pinterest account or follow Cordina Hair for more quick and easy hairstyling tips and ideas.

boho style hairstyle


1. Brush your hair thoroughly using a detangling brush. You may want to add some hair oil to moisturise your ends, such as Moroccanoil.

2. Grab a small hair tie and section your hair into two. Grab the top half section to create a simple half up and half down hairstyle.

3. Topsy tail the upper half section of the hair, as shown above, (top second picture on the right).

4. Repeat the process, by creating multiple half up do's and then topsy tailing each half updo.

5. In order to create the final flawless look, each topsy tail has been gently pushed towards the topsy tail above it.

6. Open each topsy tail with your fingers to create a voluminous look.

7. Secure the end of the ponytail with a hair tie.

8. Complete the final boho updo with either a flower band or flower hair accessories.


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