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Bath Bomb Storage Jars

Yanika Cordina Where to store Bath Bombs

Buying and using bath bombs is a real treat, the beautiful aromatic fragrance not only makes the whole bathroom smell divine, but the carefully selected ingredients will also soften and moisturise your skin leaving you feeling like a goddess. Bath Bombs not only make you feel and smell good, but when stored and displayed correctly, these bath fizzers somehow manage to transform any restroom into an inviting spa retreat.

Yanika Cordina Bath Bombs Apothecary Storage Jar

Apothecary Jars from Amazon

Bath Bomb Storage Jars

If you would like the aroma and your bath bombs to last, you need to invest in an apothecary jar. These gorgeous jars were formerly used by pharmaceuticals to store their medicine, however you can now find them as a household item, where many people use them to either store their bath bombs or other bathroom essentials, such as cotton wool balls and cotton buds.

Apothecary jars can also be used to store food, biscuits, pasta or candy. Some may even come with a rubber lid, perfect for when you'd like to increase the freshness longevity of ingredients.

I have been using a glass apothecary jar without a rubber lid and my bath bombs have remained fresh and still smell absolutely incredible. There are various shapes and sizes to choose from. I chose one with a large round base where I can easily fit large bath bombs.

Yanika Cordina Bath Bombs Storage Jar Apothecary

Apothecary Jar from Amazon

Bath Bomb Storage Jars / Containers

If you're looking for other bath bomb storage ideas, you could use large cookie jars as a glass storage alternative. Food glass preserving jars are also an excellent option as the clip top and air tight seal helps preserve the bath bombs' impeccable scent, whilst still being able to display your different size bath fizzers beautifully.

1. Glass storage jar with lid available on Amazon

2. Glass storage Jar with lid available on Amazon

3. Glass storage jar with air tight lid available on Amazon

Two Tier Glass Storage Jar for your Bath Bombs and Soap

If you are a Lush fan and love buying bath bombs, bubble bars and soap, then I would recommend that you store each item separately. The tint on the soap and the bubble bars may rub onto the bath bombs, which may ruin the existing colour of the bath fizzers. You also don't want to add any moisture into the mix, especially if you've already splashed some water onto the soap or the bubble bar.

Consider getting either a two tier or three-tier glass storage jar as pictured on the right. Perfect for storing all your different bathroom essentials.

Link to Bath bomb two tier glass storage jar

From left to right:

1. Bath bomb glass jar / bonbon glass jar from Amazon - £20.90

2. Large glass jar with bath bombs from Etsy - £22.16

3. Bath bomb glass storage jar from Maisons du Monde - £14.39

4. Bath bomb apothecary jar from John Lewis - £36.00

5. Bath bomb tall glass jar from John Lewis - £9.00

6. Bath bomb glass storage jar with copper lid from John Lewis - £7.00

7. Set of three glass apothecary jars from Amazon - £29.99

8. Large Glass Storage Jar, 2.2 Litres from Amazon - £8.99

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