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Quick & Easy Hairstyles - Half Updo Knot Hairstyle | Cordina Hair

After surveying over 100 women asking them about what their main hair struggles are, the majority of them said that they do not have a clue how to style their hair!

I was somewhat surprised by this answer, because social media is literally jam packed with thousands of videos and pictures showing new hairstyles every single day. However, I also came to realise that most of these pretty hairstyles are simply too darn difficult to master!

Often times, I see a cute hairstyle that involves some sort of french braid and I think to myself that I could totally replicate it onto my own hair. Well, let's just say that I can't french braid to save my life!

After many failed french braiding attempts, I decided to focus on simple pretty hairstyles that you can actually replicate and master in no time, so you don't have to spend hours trying to create a new hair do.

After speaking to so many different women, I realised that women want to style their hair, but they just don't know how or they simply do not have the time to do so. You'd be glad to hear that my quick and easy hairstyling ideas can be achieved in less than a minute. Woohoo!

Make sure you follow the simple instructions below and you're on your way to rocking a new updo!

quick easy hairstyles long medium hair knot hairstyle


This is one of my favourite quick and easy hairstyles that I absolutely love and wear all the time, It's so simple yet it looks so pretty and sophisticated. You will be able to master this quick hairstyle in no time!

The quick and easy half up and half down hairdo is perfect for school, work or an evening night out and can be worn on shoulder length, medium and long hair.

An elegant hairstyle that looks somewhat complicated but all it took was two simple hair knots and a couple of bobby pins - That's it! See hairstyle instructions below.

quick easy hairstyles for long medium hair, half updo knot


1. Brush your hair thoroughly and remove any knots

2. Section your hair half up and half down

3. Take the upper half section, split it in two sections and create one simple hair knot

4. Take the same two sections and create a second hair knot

5. Secure with bobby pins

6. and you're done!

For more quick and easy hairstyles ideas and inspiration, make sure you check out the hair blog.

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